"Erin has a unique gift of delivering this information so that it immediately makes sense."

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"Personally, I have struggled heavily with the battle between my mind and gut. I feel the pressure from social conditioning, parenting, expectations and exposure to an abundance of information and it causes me to make decisions at work and in my personal life that simply don’t feel right.

Erin helped me to better understand how I am influenced by my distractions. More importantly she helped shed light and validate where my strengths are and how trusting in my gut can help me accomplish my goals and move me forward in life. This process gave me the strength and discipline to trust what I know is right for me, which has helped guide my decision making process in my personal life, relationships, in my professional life as a leader and most of all with how I want to live my life. I find myself happier with the decisions I’m making and feel I am living more fully.

Erin has a unique gift of delivering this information so that it immediately makes sense. She is warm and friendly, but not afraid to look you in the eye with radical honesty.  She connects with you in a way that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin as she guides you through your make up and makes sense of what feels confusing. This process can be frustrating but it has caused me to break through barriers that I was putting up for myself. Ultimately, awareness of who we are; understanding our strengths and weaknesses give us the power to unlock the best version of our selves so we can go into the world, make a difference and feel good about who we are and how we live. You won’t regret a session with Erin.”


George Yueh, Client Relationship Director at Kforce

Erin Claire