Discover what sets you apart.


Career type

How you are designed to best
express yourself in the world


Decision-Making Authority

How to make decisions to maximize
your ease, joy and success


Communication Strategy

Your most authentic way of
communicating with others


Assimilation Style

How you naturally process


Business Skills

The inherent business skills
you bring to a team



Your optimal work setting & how
you operate most effectively within a team



Where you may get taken off track and how to minimize those potential distractions



How to operate from your natural strengths
& unlock your full potential



How you are designed to manifest
your purpose in this world





In this transformative, interactive all-day workshop, you'll discover:

  • How to make choices that are always a full-bodied yes

  • Navigate opportunities that are in flow

  • Find and use your voice

  • Leverage your strengths in work & relationships

  • Overcome the shadows that linger in your life

  • Successfully collaborate with a world of people designed differently than you

The experience is science and personal growth meet coloring books and community, and it's designed to empower you to identify how & where you're out of alignment, and provide the tools needed to bring you back into flow.

The next workshop will be announced shortly.


Private Session

  • A 60-minute one-on-one in-depth session where you will gain clarity on how you are uniquely designed:

    • to make decisions, communicate, best process information, leverage your natural strengths, manifest your purpose as well as the skills you bring to a team, your optimal environment & the vulnerabilities or distractions that can take you off track

  • A recording of the session, as well as a detailed 30-page personalized report

  • An in-depth synthesis of all aspects of your design 

  • Practical guidance around how you can best respond to current struggles or frustrations you may be facing

A session offers an in-depth look at how you are uniquely designed to succeed, as well as an opportunity to dive into any struggles or questions you may have.


Partnership Session

This is designed for two people seeking guidance on how to most effectively work and support each other in performing at their highest potential. It will include:

  • One private one-on-one session for each partner

  • One partnership session to reveal the energetics at play within the relationship dynamic, so you can bring awareness to your limitations, capitalize on your unique strengths, communicate more effectively and take fewer things personally

  • Practical guidance and tools around building a strong foundation for a successful working relationship


Team Session

This is designed for small teams, startups, departments and internal teams aimed to have better efficiency and greater harmony in your relationship dynamics.

We will dig into how your team is designed to work together most effectively, as well as offer tactical tools for how to fully leverage each team member’s strengths and how to honor each other’s unique way of making decisions & communicating.

Whether you're an existing or newly formed team, it is an opportunity to help you understand the source of your team's struggles and provide tools to achieve optimal performance & satisfaction.